Dermal Filler Correction & Removal

Dermal filler correction

When Dermal Filler injections go wrong..

There is an escalating number of practitioners who have had little experience or training in injecting Dermal Fillers, let alone know how to then correct their mistakes.

Therefore it’s little surprise that we are seeing a sharp increase in the number of people coming to us for dermal filler correction or removal after treatments performed by others.

We see both ladies and gentlemen with too much filler, lumpy and uneven texture, filler injected in the wrong place or even a Tyndall effect where the filler is (blueish/grey tinge). In all cases we see people who are left feeling very distressed, with some having ‘lived’ with the problem for months and in several cases years waiting for huge volumes of filler to be broken down naturally.

At Natalia Aesthetics Clinic we understand the distress caused when a treatment goes wrong at the hands of someone in-experienced.
How can my Dermal Filler disaster be corrected?

A free of charge, no obligation consultation is available with Dr. Natalia Hancock who is highly experienced in corrective procedures where she will advise on the best course of action to help you resolve any problems.

Dermal Filler Removal FAQs

What is dermal filler reversal/correction?
What are the main reasons for reversal/correction of dermal fillers?
What does the treatment involve?
What types of dermal fillers can you dissolve?
What are the side effects?
How much does reversal / correction of dermal fillers cost?
How many treatment sessions will I require?
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